What Is Safeguard Program By KuCoin


KuCoin is one of the biggest platforms of crypto exchange. Many factors are behind its success, including low fees, advanced features, and a robust and beginner-friendly site. KuCoin also reinvests most of the revenue for the company’s best interest. They also provide many promotional bonuses and perks to maintain their growth. Similarly, the main important feature for any platform is the security of its site, and privacy is also highly important. KuCoin offers multiple ways to protect our assets and resist cyber-attacks. In this article, we discuss what the SafeGuard program by KuCoin is.

Safeguard Program

KuCoin is well known for different security measures, including 2FA and withdrawal limits depending on the account. KuCoin also offers a safeguard program now, which is very helpful in tracking the user’s activity. This program tracks the different information of the user, including their login time, IP Address, and personal information, without asking clients for their personal information. This technology makes KuCoin aware of any suspicious activity and will take action at the right time. 

It is very helpful in protecting the KuCoin platform from different cyber-attacks. KuCoin safeguard token (SAFT) is highly beneficial regarding safe users’ assets. This token protect KuCoin against many threats and runs it very smoothly. After receiving the SAFT token, you can contact with KuCoin customer support, and different other features are also enabled for you. 

Tiers Of SAFT

This safety program helps investors to protect their funds in case of any hacker attack on their accounts. The two tiers named, gold and platinum, come with different benefits and features. However, both work similarly and freeze users’ accounts in case of suspicious activity. The gold tier includes insurance covering 1 million USD assets, while platinum insurance covers 3 million USD.

Trading Revenue

The KuCoin platform was developed in 2017 and backed by enthusiasm for blockchain. The team of KuCoin is highly innovative and hardworking people. They create such a policy that KuCoin shares 90% of its revenue with KCS holders. Now, to make their platform more secure, more funds are invested in the Safeguard program of KuCoin. This program takes care of the safety and protection of its users.

The people behind this program work more efficiently to reduce fear of the crypto market. Those people are highly trained to recover funds in case of any suspicious activity. So, you don’t have to worry much about your funds from undesirable events. Now you can hold a BTC, ETH, LUNC, etc., without any hesitation for the long term.


KuCoin is known for its unique and advanced services throughout the world. You will experience high-level security measures from their side. To increase those measures on a high scale Safeguard program is introduced by KuCoin security officials. The company introduced SAFU funds and spent 15% fee collection as insurance for users’ assets. This action took place last year because of many cyber attacks in the crypto industry. Now, if you are using a KuCoin platform, you don’t have to worry much about your funds. You can invest in any crypto coin and trade it daily without fear.



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