How Do You Know if You Moved Into a Good Neighborhood?


When you move into a new neighborhood, it’s easy to be optimistic about your future. However, it’s more difficult to determine whether or not that optimism is founded in reality. How can you be sure that the new area will be safe for you and your family? 

Is this the type of place where you can raise kids? Will the neighbors be friendly and helpful? That said, several telltale signs suggest you have found yourself in a good neighborhood. They include:

Good schools

You may not have kids yet, or they may be grown and out of the house. Regardless, you will want to be in a neighborhood with good schools. Good schools indicate plenty of families nearby, which means that the neighborhood is likely to stay intact over time. 

Good schools likely mean high property values, which means that your future investment is likely to be secure. Finding out which schools are in your district is easy. You can check the local government website. You can also ask your realtor or property manager for advice on this matter. 

Low crime rate

One of the best ways to judge the safety of a neighborhood is to look at crime statistics. You can check the local police department website for the most recent data on crime in the area. Ideally, you want to live in a low crime rate area.

This could mean the difference between an enjoyable neighborhood where you feel safe raising a family and one where you live in constant fear of being robbed or attacked. There may be certain crimes that are more prevalent in your neighborhood, but as long as they aren’t at an alarmingly high level, you should be fine.

If you notice that a certain type of crime is especially prevalent in your area, consider taking extra precautions to protect yourself and your family. For example, if you notice that break-ins are a problem in your area, invest in an alarm system for your home. If there is an unusually high level of crime in your neighborhood, you might want to consider relocating to a safer area. This is especially true if you have young kids who cannot defend themselves in the event of a robbery or assault.

Safe walking paths

If you have small children or plan to have kids soon, you will want to make sure your neighborhood has safe walking paths. Ideally, your neighborhood will have sidewalks so that kids can walk to school or friends’ houses without walking in the street.

If there are no sidewalks in your area, you may need to speak with your neighbors and city officials to get some installed. You could also consider getting a child safety gate for your front gate so that your little one can’t walk out into the street unsupervised.

Excellent public transportation

If you plan to commute to work regularly, you must live near good public transportation. Ensure you are within walking distance of a major bus or subway stop. When looking at neighborhoods, you can use Google Maps to check the distance to the nearest public transportation stop.

If you plan to use public transportation regularly, you should consider finding a neighborhood with various bus lines and subway stops. This will give you a lot of flexibility regarding your daily schedule. You can check the timetables and routes on the websites of the different transit companies to see which one will be best for you.

Decent housing value

Real estate prices are always changing, so it’s important not to focus too much on the initial cost of your house. You should buy a home that has good resale value. This way, if you ever decide to sell your home, you will be able to find a buyer quickly and for a reasonable price.

There are some websites you can use to check the resale value of different neighborhoods. You can also talk with real estate agents to find out more about the housing market’s current state in your area. You can find real estate agents for East Austin apartments if you live in that locality.

Ultimately, there’s no formula for determining if a neighborhood is good or bad. A good neighborhood is that it’s different things to different people. There will always be challenges, but you want to live in a good society where enough people support each other to make challenges easier to overcome.


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