Top 5 Careers In The Medical Field


Whenever okinwe feel sick or uncomfortable with the way we feel, we seek professional help who can get us the answer we are log for. Every individual – human or animal and in any form deserves the finest care they can get, and undeniably speaking, getting medical help can be extremely expensive, and finding the right professional help can be challenging too. However, if you are aspiring to be one the best medical practitioners around the globe, one crucial thing is worth mentioning – your resume could help with your career in ways you never thought were possible, and that is why having the right resume examples to choose and get information from is essential. As medical practitioners from all around the globe strive to be the best they can to serve patients with what they deserve, this article will rank down the top 5 careers in the medical field.


  • Nurse Practitioner

Ranking number one on the list are nurse practitioners. Both are in high demand and probably the highest-paying job as of 2022. Nurse practitioners are generally the ones who first respond to you when you go to the hospital. They usually do the checkups and track your medical progress on their charts before they present it to the doctors or higher-ups in charge. First aid, health assessments, administering medications, emergency procedures, ordering lab tests, and prescribing medication for both children and adults are part of their responsibilities. 

  • Physical Therapist

Physical Therapists work with patients who are physically impaired. They help with improving a patient’s movement, identifying the needs of the patient, and administering the treatment for the better good of their health. Their job includes regaining the patient’s range of motion while also managing pain well enough for them to live a full life, educating their patient regarding long-term recovery and their medications.

  • Speech-Language Pathologist

Usually works with children or people who are speech impaired; speech-language pathologists are the type of doctors who are tasked to evaluate levels of speech, language and swallowing difficulty. Just like any other medical practitioner, they also specialize in diagnosing an illness, treatments, prescribing medications, and providing long-term treatment with therapy and medications.

  • Occupational Therapist

In simple words, an occupational therapist is a combination of both the jobs of a speech-language pathologist and a physical therapist. They specialize both in this field of work and utilize these skills in treating patients with health problems in their speech and physical movements. They are also commonly observed among patients who suffer from great trauma or injuries; the best example of the type of patients they take care of are athletes. It is part of their job to help the patient physically, mentally, and emotionally heal from the injury they acquired. 

  • Pediatrician

This type of doctor specializes in treating children and infants. They conduct examinations on newborns or infants inside the womb. Pediatricians are also tasked and expected to assess and diagnose physical medical concerns of infants and children, prescribing medication and treatments, perform surgeries, and basically, everything that has to do with treating a child is all part of their job. 

  • Veterinary

A veterinarian is a type of medical practitioner who specializes in treating animals in all forms and species. They study an animal’s anatomy, diagnose, prescribe medication and administer treatments, perform surgery, and provide long-term medications for animals in need. They can handle pets, livestock, and many other animals.

  • Obstetrician and Gynecologist

An OB-GYN specializes in assessing a woman’s health and treating any medical condition that involves a woman’s reproductive system, pregnancy, and childbirth. Just like any other medical practitioners mentioned in this article, they too are assigned to diagnose, treat, and provide long term treatment to their patients.



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