Kannana Kanne Song Download: Your Ultimate Guide


Are you a fan of South Indian music and looking to download the popular song “Kannana Kanne”? Look no further! In this comprehensive guide, we will cover everything you need to know about downloading the song, its background, and more. Let’s dive in.

Background of “Kannana Kanne”:

“Kannana Kanne” is a popular Tamil song from the movie “Viswasam”, which was released in 2019. The song has captured the hearts of music lovers with its beautiful lyrics and soulful melody. Composed by D. Imman and sung by Sid Sriram, “Kannana Kanne” has become a favorite among fans of Tamil music.

How to Download “Kannana Kanne”:

If you are looking to download “Kannana Kanne” and add it to your music collection, here are some options for you:

  1. Legal Music Platforms: You can download the song from legal music platforms such as Gaana, JioSaavn, Wynk Music, or Apple Music. Simply search for the song, purchase it if required, and download it to your device.

  2. YouTube: Another popular option to download “Kannana Kanne” is through YouTube. Various channels upload the song, and you can use online converters to download it in MP3 format.

  3. Music Streaming Apps: Apps like Spotify and Amazon Music also offer the song for streaming. While you may not be able to download the song directly, you can listen to it offline by saving it in your playlist.

Lyrics of “Kannana Kanne”:

Let’s take a look at the beautiful lyrics of “Kannana Kanne” in Tamil:

Kannana Kanne
Kannana Kanne
Viswasam Pinnadi
Thuniya Thideernu
Rum Pogalaama
Kannana Kanne
Kannana Kanne
Viswasam Pinnadi
Thuniya Thideernu
Rum Pogalaama

Why “Kannana Kanne” is a Hit Song:

  • Soulful Melody: The soothing melody of “Kannana Kanne” has struck a chord with listeners, making it a favorite for many.
  • Emotional Connect: The emotional lyrics and heartfelt rendition by Sid Sriram have added to the song’s popularity.
  • Movie Context: The song’s placement in the movie “Viswasam” and its significance in the narrative have also contributed to its success.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About “Kannana Kanne”:

Here are some common questions about the song along with their answers:

  1. Is “Kannana Kanne” available for free download?
  2. While some platforms offer the song for free streaming, downloading it legally may require a purchase or subscription.

  3. Who is the lyricist of “Kannana Kanne”?

  4. The lyrics of “Kannana Kanne” are penned by Thamarai.

  5. Can I use “Kannana Kanne” for my own videos?

  6. Before using the song in your videos, make sure to check the copyright restrictions and seek necessary permissions.

  7. Are there any cover versions of “Kannana Kanne” available?

  8. Yes, many talented artists have covered “Kannana Kanne” on platforms like YouTube.

  9. Is “Kannana Kanne” available in other languages?

  10. While the original song is in Tamil, there may be translations or adaptations available in other languages.


“Kannana Kanne” is not just a song but an emotional journey that resonates with listeners on multiple levels. Whether you wish to download it for personal listening or to enjoy its lyrics, the song offers a serene musical experience that stays with you. Explore the various options mentioned above to add this gem to your playlist and let its magic engulf your soul.


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