Answering A Letter To God Class 10 Question Answer


In the short story “Answering a Letter to God” by G.L. Fuentes, the theme revolves around the power of faith, compassion, and the belief in miracles. The story is about a poor farmer named Lencho who writes a letter to God asking for financial help after his crops are destroyed by a hailstorm. When Lencho sends the letter, the postmaster and other postal employees are moved by his deep faith and decide to gather money to help him. However, Lencho, upon receiving the money, is convinced that it is not from God as he had requested an exact amount.


Lencho, a hardworking farmer, is devastated when a hailstorm destroys his crops right before the harvest season. As a man of strong faith in God, he decides to write a letter to God, pleading for financial help to get through the difficult times. In the letter, Lencho asks for 100 pesos as that is the exact amount he needs to sow his fields again and support his family until the next harvest.

The letter reaches the postmaster, who is touched by Lencho’s sincerity and faith. He shares the letter with his colleagues, and they decide to help the poor farmer by collectively contributing money. After gathering the requested amount, they send it to Lencho anonymously.

Upon receiving the money, Lencho is dismayed to find that the envelope contains only 70 pesos. Convinced that God would not have sent him an incomplete amount, he writes another letter to God, expressing his disappointment and requesting the remaining 30 pesos. The postmaster and his colleagues are perplexed by Lencho’s response but are ultimately moved by his unwavering belief.


  1. Faith: Lencho’s unwavering belief in God’s ability to help him through difficult times is a central theme in the story. Despite the challenges he faces, his faith remains unshakeable.

  2. Compassion: The postmaster and his colleagues demonstrate compassion and kindness towards Lencho by coming together to help him in his time of need. Their actions embody the importance of helping others selflessly.

  3. Miracles: The story explores the idea of miracles and divine intervention. Lencho believes that God will answer his prayers in a specific way, highlighting the notion of miracles as a form of divine assistance.

Character Analysis

  1. Lencho: The protagonist of the story, Lencho is a humble and hardworking farmer who places his trust in God to help him overcome his hardships. His deep faith drives the narrative and influences the actions of the other characters.

  2. The Postmaster: Compassionate and empathetic, the postmaster is moved by Lencho’s letter and decides to assist him along with his colleagues. He demonstrates the power of kindness and community support.

Symbols and Imagery

  1. Hailstorm: The destructive force of the hailstorm symbolizes the challenges and adversities faced by Lencho. It sets the tone for the story’s exploration of resilience and hope in the face of hardship.

  2. Letter to God: The act of writing a letter to God symbolizes Lencho’s desperation and persistence in seeking divine intervention. It serves as a powerful metaphor for the themes of faith and belief present throughout the narrative.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What is the significance of Lencho’s request for an exact amount in his letter to God?

  2. Lencho’s request for an exact amount reflects his precise needs and his belief that God will provide him with the resources required to overcome his challenges. It showcases his trust in divine intervention.

  3. How do the postmaster and his colleagues demonstrate compassion towards Lencho?

  4. The postmaster and his colleagues are moved by Lencho’s letter and decide to help him by pooling together money to assist with his financial troubles. Their actions exemplify empathy and generosity towards a stranger in need.

  5. Why does Lencho feel disappointed upon receiving the money from the postmaster?

  6. Lencho is disappointed because he believes that God would not send an incomplete amount in response to his letter. He expected to receive the exact 100 pesos he had requested, which challenges his faith and perception of divine assistance.

  7. What does the resolution of the story suggest about the power of faith?

  8. The resolution highlights the strength and persistence of Lencho’s faith, even in the face of unexpected outcomes. It underscores the idea that belief in miracles can manifest in unexpected ways and that hope can transcend disappointments.

  9. How does the setting of the story contribute to its themes and overall message?

  10. The rural setting and agricultural backdrop of the story enhance the themes of hardship, resilience, and dependence on nature. The setting reinforces the characters’ connection to the land and the challenges they face in a natural environment.

In conclusion, “Answering a Letter to God” is a poignant tale that delves into the complexities of faith, compassion, and the human spirit. Through the characters of Lencho and the postmaster, the story explores the power of belief in times of adversity and the importance of kindness and community support. Lencho’s unwavering trust in God serves as a catalyst for acts of generosity and empathy, showcasing the transformative impact of hope and faith in the face of life’s challenges.


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