Why We Love martial arts business summit (And You Should, Too!)

martial arts business summit

This business summit I attended was a kick-ass example of how to conduct one of the most important business meetings of your life. I have no doubt that the information I gathered would have changed my life in many ways.

The first thing worth noting is that it’s a martial arts summit. The second thing worth noting is that I learned a thing or two about what it takes to make a successful martial arts business conference. The third thing worth noting is that the martial arts business summit I attended is the kind of summit that you can actually spend time talking to actual people about real issues so that you can think through your decisions and learn how to make them better.

I really like the concept of a martial arts business summit because it gives you a chance to talk to real people and get some advice about how to make the right decisions in the face of all the insanity in the world and how to fix it. The thing that makes this summit different from a lot of other martial arts business conferences is that the people attending tend to be actual martial arts instructors.

There are three types of martial arts schools in the world: those that produce martial arts instruction on a daily basis, those that have programs for schools, and those that have schools but don’t do real instruction every day. Because you can’t always just go to a school and say, “Hey, I should be training this.” In the first case, the instructor will teach you something once a week but won’t have the time or interest to actually train you.

In the second case, they will train you in a specific martial art, but they wont teach you anything else. This is where it gets really interesting because there is a lot of martial arts in the world that are not actually martial arts. The ones that arent based off of a specific art don’t need to be taught, because they are just as valid as any other martial arts.

That sounds like a joke. But thats what the martial arts world is full of, but we arent talking about that here. The martial arts world is full of instructors that will teach you something once a week for a set amount of time. Then they willnt have the time to go out and train you, but they will train you in a martial art that requires some sort of skill.

So, what if you dont have any skills at all? Well, thats where the actual business summit comes in. These folks usually have a small group of students that they are going to teach one technique at a time. Sometimes, they will teach the same technique to two different students, and they will then combine their techniques into a compound. They will then teach this compound to another group of students and they will combine their compound techniques to create a compound.

Each of the techniques they teach is also a compound. So if you are a beginner, you can learn how to do everything in one day or you can learn how to do 4 different compound moves in one day.

You can learn how to do the move 1, the move 2, move 3, and the move 4 all in one day. In a way, it is like a martial arts ‘compound’ that is as complex as the move that it is made up of. It’s just not as difficult to learn the compound as it is to learn the individual techniques.


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