franklin business park


For this reason, I am extremely grateful that I live in a community that has a business park in my neighborhood. When I go back and see my old neighborhood in California, it is all gone. The only thing left are the empty lots and the ugly cement walls.

I didn’t know that a business park was a park, and I don’t think it’s a good idea to have a business park. I used to go to a good business park to go see the birds, but I never saw the birds. The business park is a pretty place.

Franklin Business Park is a business park in Franklin, Ohio that was once a thriving community. In the late ’80s and early ’90s, the area was home to the Franklin Market, a grocery store that became a local institution. The place was filled with restaurants, a movie theater, a shopping center, and a bowling alley. The market closed in 2007, but the town is still trying to revive it as a tourist attraction.

It’s a town that’s been struggling to recover from a financial crisis. The area was once so busy with all the people bringing their lunch, shopping, and entertainment, that traffic was a nightmare. But with the economy starting to recover, the area has been doing really well. But it also has the unfortunate effect of being a place that’s extremely popular with crime. You’ll find it’s a pretty nice place to live, but it can be a pretty bad place to live.

Franklin is one of the most scenic parts of Atlanta, and it’s a great place to take the kids. It’s also one of the most expensive neighborhoods in Atlanta. Its a bit of an urban jungle, and if you don’t have an amazing job, its hard to make a living in the city. But it’s hard to get a job here because of this. And the crime rate is high. The crime rate is low because there are lots of people around to help.

The crime rate is low because there are lots of people around to help. That’s what the city is really missing. The city needs more people. That’s why this is something that Franklincrest has done. Since Franklincrest is a relatively small city, it has lots of room to grow and hire more people.

At work, you may feel like you need to go to the bathroom just about every 20-40 minutes. You probably want to, but the commute makes it impossible to do so. You don’t even know why. The answer is probably a lack of public transportation. If you can find a transportation service that is affordable and has frequent service, you might be able to avoid that commute, but that won’t be easy.

Franklincrest is a good location, but it is expensive and takes a long time to get around. The commute is a real problem for many people. We have talked about this before, but as of right now, it is the most expensive city in the world to live in.

Franklincrest is also a pretty dead-end city. There are no jobs, and there are no business services. It is, in short, the kind of place where even the most committed people would rather live than work.

We are actually in the middle of a massive job and development boom, and Franklincrest is the place to be. Franklincrest is a place where people can buy houses cheaply and where there are no long commutes. We are also in a real development boom, with new construction going on at a brisk pace. Franklincrest is the place to be.


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