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Our work is not about the content, but the process, the process, and the process. It is about us. Our work is about creating a sense of purpose, which is why it has been so valuable to us.

We spend so much time putting in the work and making sure we’re not running late and doing the work ourselves. It’s about building up one more layer of meaning.

We put in the extra time to make sure the work is done well. We don’t just do the work because it is our job; we do so because we want to do the work and we want to do it well. We don’t do it for our own profit or because a boss is breathing down our neck or because we are a team and it’s our job to do something right, but because we want to do it.

Fort Worth, home of the NFL’s Dallas Cowboys, is something of a hotbed of business in the oil patch, in large part because it’s home to the world’s biggest and best oilfield services company, Schlumberger. Schlumberger’s Fort Worth office building is a three-story building that includes a huge conference room and a restaurant that serves a great, big, but not too expensive lunch buffet.

So Fort Worth is in fact a business hotbed in the oil patch, it’s just that Schlumberger seems to think that making money in Fort Worth is a top priority. This is because they’ve done an incredible amount of work to make the oilfield services industry what it is today—a multi-billion dollar industry that is not only big on jobs, but also on profits.

If you read the press releases they give you, you will see that Schlumberger is not making money in Fort Worth, but rather, they are making money in other oil-related places like Houston and West Texas.

We’ve seen this happen before with other companies and companies have come up with ways to make money inside their own companies. It’s not a simple thing to do, but it is a big part of the reality of many industries today.

There is a ton of capital in the oil industry and a lot of it goes to companies that make money on the backs of workers and the companies involved. As a result, its not just that the oil companies are making money or that people are making money, its also that people are making money and they are making it for the people that are making it. Thats the reality of the oil industry for you.

It doesn’t matter what the oil companies, or any other company, thinks of them. Their bottom line is their bottom line and everything that goes into it is a profit. That is, of course, until you have investors that are willing to make money on the backs of others.

People are making money. The oil industry is a business. The people who make that money are making it for the people that make it. And they make it for the people that will make it for them. What people make for themselves is a reflection of what they want to make. And what they want is for those they share it with to make it as well.


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