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I am so glad that I found Denise Milani. Denise is a professional event planner, and she specializes in all things planning and event management for weddings, corporate events, and events of every type. She holds seminars on the topic of planning events, and she offers a variety of services to help you with your event planning needs. I have been to several of her seminars and events, and she is always able to help me navigate the planning process.

Denise Milani is the Founder of Denise Milani Event Planning and Planning Company, and she is the Executive Director of the Denise Milani Event Planning Company. Denise is also the Owner/CEO of Denise Milani, where we offer event planning services for wedding, corporate, and other weddings, corporate events, events of every type, and corporate events of every type.

Denise is the founder of C.H.E.A.R.E. (Courtship, Hire, Endorse, and Refer) which is a legal, non-profit organization that specializes in helping couples find their ideal match. She is also a former corporate event planner, and has a strong background in communications, marketing, and event planning. She is also an avid golfer and loves to watch movies.


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